The Ochre Stone was founded on the belief that clothing doesn't have to be short-lived and tossed aside - it can be thoughtful, timeless, and cared for again and again.  We wear what makes us feel and look good, but we can also do good as we consider how to build our wardrobe sustainably.  The Ochre Stone, in a sense, is one part rescue effort and two parts style -we want to carefully curate a wardrobe for you comprised of found pieces that deserve to live new lives.  Buying vintage means less waste and more individuality.  It means that each piece we wear has a story to tell.  
Our vintage collection aims to be durable, classic, and minimal. We want these pieces to be worn again and again. The majority of our favorite garments are made of natural fibers (cotton, silk, linen, wool) with effortless styling options and wearability.  We also believe that what makes something beautiful and distinctive often lies within the small imperfections that come with age -the undeniable fade of a well-loved pair of denim jeans or the way a broken-in linen blouse drapes just right.  
Our handmade clay jewelry was born out of a desire to tie our vintage pieces to modern lines, shapes, and colors.  These accessories align with our mission to adorn you in one-of-a-kind pieces that are unique to you and only you.  It's a special thing indeed.  
We began experimenting with hand dyed garments when we realized that there were so many used garments in circulation that just needed to be given a refresh.  It was our way of finding and renewing pieces that still had a lot of life left and making them something brand new altogether.  From this, both our FOUND/RENEW Collection and Ethical House Dye Collection were born.  This dye work is a labor of love, and our Ethical House Dye Line specifically is a way to invest in factories in the USA that pay employees fair living wages and provide safe and supportive working environments.  We believe the fashion industry needs to be held to higher standards, and it starts with like minded individuals that take small strides to create this revolution.  Thanks for being here - our mission is to help you do/look/and feel good
Thanks for all you do to give these treasures a new life!